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The Windermere Midtown Collective is comprised of six Seattle real estate brokers with reputations for superior client service and industry-leading systems. Relied upon by broker colleagues for their vast knowledge base and client-centric perspectives, the Collective's members are celebrated for their collaboration and leadership. 

As a group, the Windermere Midtown Collective is committed to furthering the individual experience of each broker's clients. The team will work together to bring you top-of-the-line access to the highest quality resources in the city of Seattle. Clients gain early insight into market opportunities, increased exposure for their property, and stronger insights into home preparation and pricing. Like a well-oiled machine, they will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, delivering the results you deserve.


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Windermere Real Estate

As a group of agents who bond over a shared desire to help others by employing their love for real estate, the Windermere Midtown Collective proudly represents Windermere Real Estate because of its world-class service and commitment to clients. Working for Windermere means working with a compassionate network of agents who take pride in providing people with an experience that will last a lifetime.

The Windermere Midtown Collective believes that outstanding professionalism and dedication to helping their client find the home of their dreams is of the utmost importance - a sentiment shared ardently throughout the Windermere community.



Our Pledge

The Windermere Midtown Collective has strong roots in their local community, and giving back has always been of the utmost priority. The Midtown Collective firmly believes that through positive actions and contributions, we all have the ability to make a difference.

When you buy or sell with the Windermere Midtown Collective you too are giving back to the community. Together with the Windermere Foundation, a portion of the commission from every sale is donated to help low-income and homeless families in need.

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"Windermere Real Estate has a long tradition of genuine success — the W Collection program engages this very tradition with every detail. W Collection agents provide an extraordinary level of quality and service unparalleled in the marketplace. An experienced Windermere agent, who is skilled in the art of marketing luxury homes, represents each W Collection home with the utmost level of consideration, based on the distinct needs of each client." - Windermere Real Estate

The Windermere Midtown Collective is no stranger to working with Premier and W Collection properties. With a strong track record at the top of their industry, buy and sell luxury real estate with the Windermere Midtown Collective where superior professionalism and impressive results are the standard.

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