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Madison Valley

Located east of Downtown, this neighborhood maintains a residential vibe and features beautiful PNW views and access to Seattle’s best cultural and natural attractions. The Harrison Ridge Greenbelt and Washington Park Playfield are wonderful spots to recreate or explore the greenery, or relax on the beach at nearby Lakeview Park. Most of the homes you will find here are Craftsmen style, townhomes, or condos. The choice is yours! With a mixed demographic of young families and experienced homeowners, there is something for everyone here.

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Madison Valley WMC
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Known by some as “Little France” for its outstanding variety of French cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, Madison Valley is a fabulous centralized borough with a quiet, European feel. Arosa Cafe is a great way to start the day, or swing by Mt. Bagel for a fresh treat on the go. The vibrant atmosphere on Madison Street offers plentiful shopping destinations, as well as top-tier dining like Cafe Flora and The Harvest Vine. With its small community, Madison Valley is also a wonderful place to get to know your neighbors - there are endless entertainment options here. Come embrace the feeling of home.

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