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Downtown is the heart of Seattle and home to many of the city’s famous attractions. Cultural landmarks like the Gum Wall in Post Alley and Olympic Sculpture Park along the water's edge are must-see favorites and the new and growing Seattle Waterfront is sure to impress. Set against the Puget Sound overlooking Elliot Bay, downtown boasts many businesses, offices, shopping retailers, and high-rise buildings. It is also the transportation center of the city with several Link light rail stations, bus terminals, and the WSDOT ferry terminal. In Downtown Seattle, there is something for everyone.

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The central location and thriving nightlife in the area make it a wonderful place to live and experience the best of city living. Pike Place Market, a vibrant and bustling century-old market is the main tourist draw downtown, offering fresh produce, local food and baked treats. Iconic eateries like Place Pigalle and The First Starbucks line the cobblestone streets and enhance the experience. When you’ve had your fill at the market, head down to the Great Wheel or Seattle Aquarium, or meander through the countless family-friendly attractions along the water. Top off your night at Capital Grille and relish in your exciting new community.

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